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IVAO Indonesia offers it's members a number of exciting tours to discover.

How it works?

Welcome to the IVAO Indonesia division tour section.

Are you wondering what these tours are all about? It's very simple. Our tours give the opportunity to virtual pilots to fly to pre-determined places following a certain order and objectives while obeying the tour rules. At the end of each tour, you will be awarded on your IVAO profile page. Every year, new tours are made available.

Our tours are visible on this website and we provide details about them. However, to start flying, you need to access the MODA Lite website (available on each tour webpage). MODA is used to see the tour rules, legs, and it is also where you have to report your legs after you fly them. Please allow us a few days to validate your legs. Take note that the system will try to validate the legs automatically. If it is unable, the leg status will stay as "Pending" and manual validation will be required

If you have any questions regarding our tours, contact our staff team.


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