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Pilot Training - How it works [Example]


In reality flight training is a long multi-layered process starting with very basic handling skills in something like a Piper Warrior or Cessna 152 and gradually moving up towards more complex aircraft such as light twins (Piper Seneca) and eventually multi crew transport aircraft like the Bombardier Q400, Airbus A320 and even Boeing 777.

The process involves many exams, skill tests and periods of experience building throughout a pilot's career: First the PPL followed by a CPL and instrument rating, multi-crew co-operation course, sometimes a jet orientation course and finally a type rating specific to the aircraft or aircraft family the pilot will operate.

On IVAO the progression is broken down into four major steps:

  • Flight Student- for a basic introduction to aviation and the theory required to operate as a pilot
  • Private Pilot - for operations in Single-Eingine aircraft in visual conditions
  • Senior Private Pilot - for operations in Multi-Engine aircraft in instrument conditions (Note: the Indonesia division referres to level as the Instrument Rating)
  • Commercial Pilot - for operations in a commercial enviroment flying multi-pilot transport aircraft

Training system

The training system allows you to request practical training session, for both ATC and pilot training. Once you have registred and logged in, you are allowed to request a training session with a certified Indonesia trainer. The trainer will contact you in order to schedule a date and time, and to talk more about the training session itself.

First Steps

Before you connect to the IVAO network as a Pilot, we highly recommend you to take the following steps: - Have a read in the IVAO Academy about the "bare basics" - Contact someone from the Indonesia division in order to schedule training. Do that via the training system. - Log on to the network as an observer, and connect via IvAe to any ATC stations Teamspeak channel. This enables you to see, listen and learn in a very easy and effective way.

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