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2017-08-13 New Approach Controller

Congratulation to Gerry Soejatman | ID-EAC for successfully passed the Approach Controller Examination.

2017-08-13 New Staff Reposition & Assignment

IVAO Indonesia would like to announce our recent changes in staff positions, as follow :

- Bobby Dharmawan (480832), former ID-FOAC, now become ID-MA1 (Membership Assistant1), providing services to members.
- Ahmad Ferdi Iskandar (277564), now also holds the ID-FOAC position, maintaing Flight Operation procedures and documentation.
- Gerry Soejatman (279016), has been assigned as the new ID-EAC, side by side with EC, delivering various and challenging concepts of online activities.

Congratulation for the three of you, may we all exceed the previous achievements.

2017-06-05 New Approach Controller

Congratulation to Yusuf Budi | ID-DIR, candidate has successfully passed the Approach Controller Exam.

2017-05-14 New Aerodrome Controller

Congratulation to Jason Mahendra Fabianto | 494812, candidate has successfully passed the Aerodrome Controller Exam.

2017-03-28 New ID-TAC

Dear Members IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Joshua Eko (380098) as Indonesia Training Assistant Coordinator/ID-TAC He will assists ID-TC in managing the Training Department as well helping member in Training Activities. Congratulation...

2017-03-28 New Aerodrome Controller

Congratulation to Zil Antoni | 469808, candidate has successfully passed the Aerodrome Controller Exam

2017-03-16 New ID-TA7 / Khairel Jugah

IVAO ID HQ have appointed Khairel J. Jugah as the new Training Assistant (ID-TA7).

He will assists Training Department in conducting training as well the exam for members.


2017-01-27 New Private Pilot

Congratulation to Aulia Akbar Setyogomo | 370772, candidate has successfully passed the Private Pilot Exam

2017-01-20 New ID-MAC / Emir Maulana Mufti

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Emir Maulana Mufti (295774) as Indonesia Membership Assistant Coordinator.

2016-12-16 Official Special Operation Groups

IVAO ID announcing its dedicated official Special Operation Group, SkyGuard Indonesia (ICAO : SGI / Radio Callsign : Skyguard) This group will be the home of the military aviation ethusiast within the IVAO ID. Expect skillfull mission challenge, as well flying some sophisticated military fleet of Indonesian Armed Forces. please be advised, that according to the General IVAO RNR, SGI will not simulate any aggresion act within IVAO Network, nor based its activity on real word political issue. Join as Cadet at http://specops.ivao.web.id

2016-11-03 New ID-MC / Rifky Pramadya

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Rifky Pramadya (376102) as Indonesia Membership Coordinator.

2016-10-29 New Private Pilot

Congratulation to Kukuh Jihad Widjaya | 437510, candidate has successfully passed the Private Pilot Exam

2016-10-29 New Private Pilot

Congratulation to Fida Perkasa | 495358, candidate has successfully passed the Private Pilot Exam

2016-10-29 New ID-SOAC / Fida Perkasa

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Fida Perkasa (495358) as Indonesia Special Operations Assistant Coordinator. Congratulations...!!!

2016-10-21 New ID-ADIR / Zulfi Prima A

The executives has just appointed Zulfi Prima Andika / 456968 as the new ID Assistant Director (ID-ADIR).

He will assists the Division Director in keeping the division operational and performing some other management tasks.

2016-09-24 New ID-MAC / Rifky Pramadya

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Rifky Pramadya (376102) as Indonesia Membership Assistant Coordinator.

2016-08-05 New ID-FOAC / Amin Septyadi

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Amin Septyadi (494448) as Indonesia Flight Operations Assistant Coordinator.

2016-08-05 New ID-SOC / Afif Sugiyanto

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Afif Sugiyanto (448279) as Indonesia Special Operations Coordinator.

2016-08-05 New ID-FOC / Ghino Luqyano

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Ghino Luqyano (473573) as Indonesia Flight Operations Coordinator.

2016-07-05 New Private Pilot

Congratulation to Amin Septyadi/494448, candidate has successfully passed the Private Pilot Exam

2016-03-01 New ID-EAC/Bobby Dharmawan

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Bobby Dharmawan (480832) as Indonesia Events Assistant Coordinator. Congratulation.

2016-02-29 New ID-AOAC/Tubagus Hardika

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Tubagus Hardika (466308) as Indonesia ATC Operations Assistant Coordinator. Congratulation.

2016-02-10 IVAO ID Staff Vacancy

IVAO ID opens vacancies to several staff positions below :

- ID-TAx | See forum announcement.
- ID-EAC | See forum announcement.
- ID-AOAC | See forum announcement.
- ID-MAC | See forum announcement.

See each position details IVAO ID Forum.

We look forward to have you join us.

2016-02-07 New ID-SOAC/Afif Sugiyanto

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Afif Sugiyanto (448279) as Indonesia Special Operations Assistant Coordinator (ID-SOAC)

2015-12-28 New Indonesia Training Coordinator

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Adif Herawan (356791) as Indonesia Training Coordinator (ID-TC).

2015-12-28 Divisional Award 2015

Based on the result of 2015 Annual Meeting, ID-HQ had decided to issue awards to the following staff(s)/member :

381571 Fred Jan Alfonzo Division Spirit
356791 Adif Herawan Division Spirit
473573 Ghino Luqyano Division Spirit, Great Division User & Documentation
480175 Rian Hidayat Great Division User

2015-12-15 New Indonesia Event Assistant Coordinator

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Raihan Praditya (351033) as Indonesia Event Assistant Coordinator (ID-EAC).

2015-11-21 New Indonesia Training Advisor 4

IVAO Indonesia HQ has just appointed Ridwansyah Latjeno (362252) as Indonesia Training Advisor 4 (ID-TA4). Congratulation and Happy Duty!

2015-10-04 [19ID0510] HUT TNI Event

Dalam rangka memperingati HUT TNI kami mengundang member untuk ikut berpartisipasi dalam SO Event untuk terbang sebagai fighter dan Transport. Visit here for details info.

2015-10-03 Airport ICAO and Facility Updated!

Several Airports ICAO and Facility has been updated per 2015. Read the Operational Notice here.

2015-09-24 Friday Online Evening 25th Sept 2015

Hi all,

Dont forget to join us on Friday Online Evening. We are invite you to fly inbound Darwin Airport!

Visit http://ivaoiddep.com

2015-09-17 Regular Training on Sunday 20th Sept!

Dear member,

Training Department kembali melaksanakan Regular Training pada hari minggu tanggal 20 september 2015. Training akan di mulai pada pukul 03:00UTC/10:00 WIB.

*click here for more info.

2015-09-08 ATC Calling!

This saturday our biggest Virtual Airlines JetLine Virtual will held a 1st event, so IVAO Indonesia would like to support ATC on the event. There are also several VA will supporting the event such as Syrian Virtual, Oasis VA, Air Golden VA, Saudi Arabia Virtual, Nas Air Virtual, Jazeera Virtual, Royal Air Maroc Virtual, Qatar Air VA, Turkish Virtual and Australia Virtual. So let start your IVAC!

2015-09-07 Friday Online Evening 11th Sept 2015

This week we are continue our Friday Online Evening, at this event we are invite you to participate as ATC. View our dedicated event page for details.

2015-09-06 New Supervisor - Adif Herawan

The Executive has appointed new IVAO Supervisor from Indonesia division, Adif Herawan, dedicated staff, current ID-TAC. Good luck with the Supervisor role & keep the spirit Adif!

2015-08-27 New Special Operations Coordinator

IVAO Indonesia HQ has appointed Purwa Adiyasa/427192 as the new Indonesia Special Operations Coordinator (ID-SOC). Congratulation and happy duty!

2015-08-25 Sailing Tour 2015 Released!

We are happy to announce "Sailing Tour 2015". Start the tour Here


2015-08-21 Special Operation Tour 2015 Released!

We are happy to announce "Special Operations Tour 2015". Start the tour Here


2015-08-16 Merdeka!

Atas nama divisi IVAO Indonesia, kami mengucapkan "Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia yang ke 70" semoga makin jaya dan besar negeriku. Merdeka!

2015-08-11 New ATC Operations Coordinator

IVAO Indonesia HQ has appointed Joshua Eko/380098 as the new ATC Operations Coordinator (ID-AOC). Congratulation and happy duty!

2015-08-11 Promotional Video 2015

We are happy to present you "IVAO Indonesia Promotional Video 2015". Watch the video Here


2015-08-07 New WIIF FIR Coordinator

IVAO Indonesia HQ has appointed Raihan Praditya/451033 as the new WIIF FIR Chief (WIIF-CH). Congratulation and happy duty!

2015-07-30 RFE JAKARTA 2015

IVAO Event Department just launched Major event for celebrate Independance day at August,17th 2015, check our Event Page

for further information.

2015-07-28 New Membership Coordinator

IVAO Indonesia HQ has appointed Zulfi Prima Andika/456968 as new Membership Coordinator (ID-MC). Congratulation and happy duty!

2015-07-28 New Flight Operations Assistant Coordinator

IVAO Indonesia HQ has appointed Ghino Luqyano/473573 as new Flight Operations Assistant Coordinator (ID-FOAC). Congratulation and happy duty!

2015-07-28 Staff Vacancies

IVAO Indonesia HQ are looking for members who interest to serve community as Staff. Several position has been vacant. More info at IVAO Indonesia Forum

2015-07-27 New ID-DIR

Executive Team are just appointed Yusuf Budi as the new Indonesia (ID) Division Director. We are hope he would lead IVAO Indonesia be better and success in the future. Also, many thanks to mas Nanda Arfianda for all contribution and effort to IVAO Indonesia all this years. We wish you all the best in your real life !

2015-05-03 Achmad Ferdi Iskandar - IVAO BOG

Congratulations to Achmad Ferdi Iskandar (previous IVAO ID Director & Executive Council) for being elected to Board of Governors. The Board of Governors (BoG) consists of the legal managers of the NPO. Governors are appointed by the General Assembly for a two-year term.

2015-04-13 New Event Coordinator

IVAO Indonesia HQ has appointed Anindya Yoga P. /439305 as new Event Coordinator (ID-EC). Congratulation and happy duty!

2015-04-06 New Membership Assistant Coordinator

IVAO Indonesia HQ has appointed Zulfi Prima Andika/456968 as new Membership Assistant Coordinator (ID-MAC). Congratulation and happy duty!

2015-03-25 Division Training - Weekly

There are many training sessions where you can learn from our trainer and gain your new ratings. Details of training sessions can be found both on the home page and the forum. Donít forget we also have the weekly training session both for pilot & ATC. Every Sunday around 03:00 UTC!

2014-12-12 IVAO HQ Crowded Skies XI

Dear member, We would like to invite you join us on Dec 13th 2014 started 19:00z on IVAO HQ Crowded Skies XI Event. Feel free to flying or Controlling! More information on forum.ivao.aero

2014-11-16 Indonesia Director & Assistant Director 2014

The IVAO Executive has announced the appointment of : Nanda Arfianda as the new Indonesia Director (ID-DIR) and Fred Jan Alfonzo as the Assistant Director (ID-ADIR) Both will responsible for keeping the division operational and working together with division department in managing the division.

2014-11-08 Training Management System Available

Our Training Management System is available now for training session Request.

2014-11-05 Indonesia Division - Assistant Webmaster

IVAO Indonesia division HQ has appointed Yuriko Septyadi/422976 as Indonesia Division Assistant Webmaster (ID-AWM). He will work and support ID-WM to maintaining and developing our division web and system. Congratulation and happy duty!

2014-10-01 SEA Triangle Event 2014

IVAO Indonesia, Hongkong and Thailand divisions join together to held a SEA Triangle Event on october 11th 2014 started 12:00 UTC. Details on each division forum. Join us and make a crowded sky in asia!

2014-09-03 New FRA 2014

New FRA policy has been setup. All airport listed in FRA, APP downgrade to AS3 except WIII ADC. All airport listed in FRA, TWR/GND to AS2.

2014-08-30 Airport Quickview updated!

Dear members,

Division FLOPS has been updated airport quickview for WIII, WIMM, WAAA and WARR. PDF files availabe for donwload on quickview section. Thank you!

2014-08-25 September Major Event

IVAO Indonesia Division Present : WIII-WSSS Long Train Event 2014.

This event is an airbridge event between Jakarta and Singapore on 5th September 2014 started 13:00UTC - 16:00UTC.
There are 14 airlines added into 140 schedules include many aircraft type. ATC services will be covered from DEL up to CTR on WIIF and WSJC FIR by ID division to give more excitement of flight.

We invite all of IVAO members to join us and make the long train between Jakarta and Singapore!

More details : click here .

2014-08-13 GIV Anniversary Event

To celebrate the three years anniversary, Garuda Indonesia Virtual will held a birthday event on august 23th 2014 started 12:00UTC. This event is a inbound flying to Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta based from real schedule GIV. More info on Garuda Indonesia Virtual website, enjoy the biggest event in this year!

2014-08-01 Special Operations Coordinator

IVAO Indonesia HQ has been appointed Adry Sumolang as new Special Operations Coordinator (ID-SOC). Congratulation and happy duty!

2014-07-31 New Staff Position!

IVAO Indonesia HQ (DIR/ADIR) has been appointed Amaldy Jussuf as ID-FOAC, Said Muhammad as ID-SOAC and Joshua Eko as ID-AOAC. We hope with this decision will improve our division. Congratulation and happy duty !

2014-07-28 Happy Eid Mubarak

IVAO Indonesia Staff mengucapkan selamat hari raya Idul Fitri 1435H / Eid Mubarak. Minal Aidin Walfaidzin - Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. May Allah bless you and your family.

2014-07-26 New ID-EAC

We would like to announce the new Indonesia Event Assistant Coordinator (ID-EAC) - Arief Rahman Hakim/384679. Arief has been appointed by ID-DIR as per today 26/07/2014, congratulation and happy duty!

2014-07-25 New ID-ADIR

We are happy to announce, IVAO Executive Council has decided to appoint Nanda Arfianda as our new ID-ADIR, Indonesia Assistant Director. He was one of the division founder and we believe his knowledge will help IVAO ID to improve even more. Congratulation sir and happy duty!

2014-07-17 WAAF FIR Operations Event

Dont forget to join us on WAAF FIR Operation Event tomorrow started 14:00 UTC! Related information and ATC booking on our Dedicated Event Page.

2014-07-06 Major Event this month!

IVAO Indonesia present WAAF FIR Operation Event. This event is simulate the air traffic controller operation coverage all Ujung Pandang FIR. IVAO Indonesia would like to invite all of you to participate as ATC and Pilot on this event. Our division Official Virtual Airlines will also support the traffic in/out Ujung Pandang FIR. We expect a busy skies started at 14:00 UTC!

2014-05-24 Training Day May 2014

Training Day started May 25th 2014, for all member which already registered do not forget to check again the details of training and documents on division forum. See you in there!

2014-05-16 Jakarta Real OPS 2014

On may 24th 2014, IVAO Indonesia would like to present Jakarta Real Ops 2014. This event will simulate the real Soekarno Hatta International Airport operation during 6 hours started at 11:00 UTC. More than 200 flights schedule are available inbound/outbound including domestic and international flights. Full Air Traffic Services will coverage all Jakarta FIR provided by IVAO Indonesia.

2014-05-09 New Training Department Staff

We would like to announce our new Training Assistant Coordinator (ID-TAC) Adif Herawan. He is one of our best trainer on the past and will help our division training activity. Welcome back Adif!

2014-04-11 IVAO HQ Visit Southeast Asia 2014

The biggest Asia event of the year has arrived! IVAO International held the biggest event for the divisions in Asia on May 4th, 2014 from 12:00-18:00 UTC.

2014-03-24 IVAO Supervisor

Executive has appointed this following Indonesia staff as one of the new IVAO Supervisor : Fred Jan Alfonso (381571) ID-DIR, ID-EC Danang Pariadji (289358) ID-TC Congratulation and good luck with the SUP role!

2014-03-08 Lion Group Virtual Event

Lion Group Virtual will held the 2nd Anniversary Event in March 2014. Details information available at forum and VA website.

2014-02-04 New membership Staff

We are very happy to announce our new Membership Assistant Coordinator (ID-MAC) Yusuf Budi. Congratulation and happy duty!

2014-01-25 VA page update

Virtual airline page has been update today. Thank to ID-WM for keep our website up to date!

2014-01-22 First Division Event 2014

IVAO Indonesia will held a first division event in 2014 on Airbridge Jakarta-Medan. More information on division forum.

2014-01-22 New Official VA!

We would like to announce about Virtual Flydubai and Indonesia Air Asia Virtual are the new official virtual airline which affiliate with IVAO Indonesia. Welcome and thank you for support the division activity!

2014-01-07 Division tour 2014 released!

We would like to announce about our divisional tour for 2014 has been released. For details on division forum.

2014-01-03 Happy new year 2014!

On behalf of IVAO Indonesia staff, we would like to say Happy New Year 2014 for all members. Keep the spirit and be the best in 2014!

2013-12-20 Training Department Reposition

IVAO Indonesia Training Coordinator has been decide to make some reposition on Training Department Staff. Hope this make our Training Department will better and Keep the spirit everyone! Details in community forum.

2013-12-14 Crystal Skies Event 2013!

IVAO Celebrating 15 years service to the flight simulation community with our massive Crystal Skies event tonight! Join us between 19:00 UTC. Our current connection record stands at 2,303 and we hope you will help us beat this target during the event to help raise money to support this essential humanitarian aid project.

2013-12-14 Training Coordinator Reposition

We have been made a reposition on Training Coordinator. Danang Pariadji, has decide to take this position. Welcome back and good luck with new task!

2013-12-13 Several Staff Reposition!

IVAO Indonesia has been made a staff reposition on several department to improve a divisional activity. For new staff, congratulation and good luck with new task and for previous staff, thank you for your effort and contribution!

2013-12-08 FLOPS Department Restructurisation

Some several change has been made on Flight Operation department. Nanda Arfianda, our dedicated staff has been assign as ID-FOC and Bambang Hadyan Dharmawan as ID-FOAC. Congratulation and good luck with new task!

2013-12-05 HQ Special Event this month!

IVAO present the event to celebrate 15 years of service. This unique event will start on december 14th 2013 19:00 UTC. Lets join and make a crowded skies!

2013-11-23 Indonesia Director - Fred Jan Alfonso

The Executive is happy to announce the appointment of Fred Jan Alfonso as new Indonesia Director (ID-DIR) with effect from November 23, 2013. He will responsible for keeping the division operational and working with the current ADIR, Dimas Widyasastrena in managing the division. All the best to him and good luck IVAO Indonesia!

2013-11-13 New Supervisor - Nanda Arfianda

The Executive has appointed new IVAO Supervisor from Indonesia division, Nanda Arfianda, long time dedicated staff, previous ID-DIR & current WIIZ-ACH. Good luck with the Supervisor role & keep the spirit Nanda!

2013-10-17 2 Major Event this Weekend!

IVAO Indonesia will host 2 major event this weekend 18 & 19 October 2013! Support by Garuda Indonesia Virtual & Lion Air Virtual, we will have Hajj & Fly In/ Out Jakarta. If you have time, join us and lets make a busy skies.

2013-09-27 Division Monthly Update

Dear Members, Welcome to the August - September issue of the monthly update! You will be seeing new changes to the division within the next few weeks, as well as wonderful and interesting events. The last 2 month has been a quiet period for us. All the staff have taken holidays of get busy with the real life activity and guess what? we are back and ready for action as we move into several new division project & program. We look forward to welcoming you online with us again!

2013-08-23 WIIZ-ACH Nanda Arfianda

Finally, after several months of real life activity, Nanda Arfianda (previous ID-DIR) has been assign back as WIIZ-ACH. Nanda will back with us to reinforce the IVAO Indonesia performance & activity. Welcome back sir Nanda!

2013-08-04 New Event Assistant Staff

We are happy to announce our new event department staff Zulfachri Harahap as IVAO Indonesia Event Assitance Coordinator. Good luck with the new staff role sir and keep the spirit!

2013-07-25 New Assistant Director

IVAO Executive, has appointed Dimas Widyasastrena to the position of Indonesia Assistant Director (ID-ADIR). Congratulations!

2013-07-25 Staff Reposition - July 2013

We are happy to announce several new staff has been appointed for IVAO Indonesia, Ronald Simatupang, Amaldy Jussuf & Kevin (our previous WM) are also decide to back help us this year! Congratulation everyone.

2013-05-26 Divisional Website Server Migration

To improve our service to all IVAO Indonesia members, ID-HQ have been decided to migrate our divisional website to a new server and also domain change.Currently Nino (ID-WM) & Kevin former (ID-WM) have completed all steps and the division website is up and running.

2013-04-16 ID-DIR Aji Patriajati

IVAO Executive, has appointed Aji Patriajati to the position of Indonesia Director (ID-DIR). Congratulations!

2013-04-16 IVAO-EXA3 Achmad Ferdi Iskandar

A motion was considered with all candidates who applied as a possible option for Executive Advisor. Achmad Ferdi Iskandar (previous ID-DIR 2010-2013) was appointed as Executive Advisor 3. Chief, we proud of you and wish you all the best in your new assignment - on behalf of IVAO Indonesia staff's & member. We will continue your success, idea & we will make you as an example of a great leadership for years to come.

2013-03-23 Staff Reposition 2013

Some several changes to our divisional staff list has been done. The decision is made based on staff evaluation and performance. Please check our forum for more details.

2013-02-23 Training Department Changes

We announce today our new Training Department team this years, Adif Herawan (ID-TC), Thomas Corendos (ID-TAC), Ronald Simatupang (ID-TA4), Didi Sucahya (ID-TA5). Good luck everyone!

2013-02-23 ID-DIR Resignation - March 2013

Our divisional Director, Achmad Ferdi Iskandar has state his resignation from the position as divisional leader yesterday evening, February 22th 2013. Divisional meeting have been completed and we will wait the IVAO Executive decision regarding our new Director candidature. You can access the resignation letter & details here. At this time, Achmad will stay as Director until next march 2013, we think it is necessary to have a transition period for 1 month between our current Director and the new Director candidature to ensure that this division will function properly. Finally on behalf of IVAO Indonesia ADIR, staff and member, we thank you for everything sir, and we will continue your success, idea & we will make you as an example of a great leadership for years to come. 

2013-02-09 Happy birthday IVAO Indonesia!

Happy birthday IVAO Indonesia, 4 year, 2334 members and 730 active members! Thank you for supporting us for all this years!, Long live and prosper! keep the spirit even higher. Enjoy the celebration event tonight everyone.

2013-01-26 Basic & Private Pilot Course

For members who have signed up to the TMS and submit training requests, the next training materials will be divided into two section, the basic pilot course & private pilot course. We have sent course invitation to more 30 pilot trainee, please check your email.

2013-01-13 ID-SOAC Avia Dirgantara

Due staff reassignment, Avia Dirgantara has been reassign to his new staff position, Avia Dirgantara as IVAO Indonesia Special Operation Assistant Coordinator . Good luck with the new staff role sir and keep the spirit!

2013-01-13 ID-MAC Charlie Avian

We are happy to announce our new membership department staff, Charlie Avian as IVAO Indonesia Membership Assistant Coordinator (MAC). Charlie always being a very dedicated staff during his staff assignment, and now he is back with us to help the membership department. Welcome back chief! Happy duty!

2013-01-05 IVAO Indonesia Radio 24/7

We happy to announce IVAO Indonesia Radio startinf from tomorrow January 6th 2013, we will be online for 24 hours 7 days a week. Available for IPhone, Winamp, WMA, QTP, RTP. Enjoy and have fun! Special thanks to Achmad Ferdi Iskandar - Indonesia Director 2013!

2012-12-31 Indonesia Tour of 2013

Hello pilots, IVAO Indonesia Tour 2013 has been released, you can start flying this tour at January 1th 2013. Safe flying & we hope you enjoy Indonesia division tour 2013!

2012-12-26 ID-EA1 Ihsanush Shabri

We are happy to announce Ihsanush Shabri as IVAO Indonesia Event Advisor 1 (ID-EA1). Ihsan has been working with Nanda Arfianda (current ID-EC) several month before on some divisional project as non staff volunteer and we believe he will help us to improve this department.

2012-12-23 IVAO Crowded Skies 9

2013 is an important year in IVAOs history, at the end of 2013, IVAO would complete 15 years of service to the flight simulation community. We start this Crystal Year celebration with a bang! On January 19th, 2013, we bring to you the most prestigious event within the flight simulation community Crowded Skies. This record breaking event sets the entire IVAO skies alive and active, with air traffic around the world supported by unimaginable air traffic control coverage. It is during the Crowded Skies that we have established the maximum number of simultaneous connections on the network. Our previous record was 2,303 (!) simultaneous connections, where we had more than 9,600 flights. During our Crystal Year, we are all geared up to beat the record and we welcome you to participate in this event on January 19, 2013. This of course is a daylong event and we expect peak traffic to start building from 18:45 UTC onwards.

To commemorate this occasion, all participants will be issued a HQ award. Award will be granted to members who would be online from 19:00 UTC onwards.

2012-12-21 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

On behalf of IVAO Indonesia DIR. ADIR and staff, we would like to say a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013 to you. It is a wonderful few weeks whereby we can take holidays and spend your good time with family and friends. All the best for you and keep the spirit for 2013!

2012-12-21 ID-TA5 Yohanes Sugiarto

We happy to announced our new training department staff today Yohanes Sugiarto as ID-TA5. Yohanes is a long time member and a very dedicated staff between 2009-2011 period, now after he got the CPL/ IR rating in real world & fly for Garuda Indonesia Airline, he decide to back with us as trainer & examiner! Happy to see you back mas Yo. Keep the spirit.

2012-12-17 Divisional Report 2012 Released

As in previous years, our Director represent the Assistant Director and the entire staff IVAO Indonesia announce publicly divisional reports that can be accessed and read by all members. The purpose of this report is that members can find out our divisional progress during January-December 2012. Read it in here.

2012-12-17 Year of 2012 Completed

We happy to announce all of our divisional task is completed and we are ready for 2013! Please be in mind all of our divisional staff is on holiday until January 3rd 2012. All divisional issue & task will be handle by our ID-DIR & ID-ADIR. We thank you for your contribution, participation and every second you spend for IVAO Indonesia. We hope the best in 2013. Divisional report will be release on our community forum and will be available for every member to reviewing what we have done during 2012. Once again, thank you and keep the spirit for 2013!

2012-12-16 Staff Reposition - December 2012

Based on the IVAO Indonesia annualy Yearly Meeting 2012, ID-DIR. ADIR has decided some of the following details :


  • Ridwansyah Latjeno release from ID-TA3 & ID-EAC
  • Alejandro Diaz Raga release from ID-SOAC
  • Ghozian Azhar Pribadi changing from ID-EA1 to ID-EAC
  • Thomas Corendos changing from ID-TA4 to ID-TA3 - Trial
  • Aditya Wira Pratama changing from ID-TA5 to ID-TA4 - Trial

For Iwan & Alex, we thank you for your dedication during 2012 and we wish you the best in real life!

2012-12-05 Whats up in 2013?

Currently we are preparing new programs for IVAO Indonesia 2013. It includes some new facilities for members, new tour, new design, new event concept and divisional award for member contribution during January - December 2012. Annual yearly staff meeting will be held in December 15th 1012 and will be lead by ID-DIR. ADIR. All department will report their activity and and propose their new programs for 2013.

2012-11-21 Indonesia MTL Update

Indonesia MTL Pack has been up to date, include all the modern livery of Indonesia airline. Credit goes to Radityo Kusumo, Nanda Arfianda & Nikko Agustino for your contribution! Keep the spirit. You can download it on our website, resource/ MTL. Have fun!

2012-11-15 ID-TA5 Aditya Wira Pratama

Aditya Wira Pratama has been assign back as ID-TA5 today, November 15th 2012! Aditya is a dedicated member and now after some discussion between DIR. ADIR. TC & TAC, he join us as staff and will help the Training Department. Congratulation & welcome to the team!

2012-11-14 ID-TA4 Thomas Corendos

Welcome to Thomas Corendos as new Training Department staff (ID-TA4) 2012. Decision based on training department discussion. Thomas is a very dedicated member within Indonesia division and now we think its time for him to step up as divisional staff and help us to increase the divisional quality. Congratulation and happy duty!

2012-11-13 Software Upgrade & Path

The IVAO Software Development Team is constantly striving to release better and more stable products towards our users. Unfortunately we are sometimes dragging some legacy products and/or features with us which have their downside on our progress for future projects. Details please check on our divisional forum.

2012-11-13 ICAO 2012 Flight Plan Format

Last night the IVAO Software Development Team released updates of the core software applications IVAC and IVAP. The newly released versions contain quite a lot of bugfixes, stability improvements and a new and improved server selection algorithm. Furthermore initial support for IVAC v2 enhanced functionality and upcoming FSD server upgrades have been implemented. And last but not least, IVAP v2.0.0 fully supports Prepar3D! Even though quite a lot of real world ANSP's are still working on implementing the new ICAO 2012 Amendments, IVAO is as we speak fully ready to support the new Flight Plan format which will be implemented worldwide as of November 15th.

2012-10-23 Training Day Event 2012

IVAO Indonesia Training Day Event for October-December 2012 released! Join us and gain your online flying/ controlling knowledge and experience with our divisonal trainer. Keep the spirit.

2012-10-23 IVAO Survey 2012

Dear  IVAO member, thanks to your support, today IVAO.aero has more than 23.000 active members across the world and we have grown as a strong organization. We are in the process of taking a hard look at ourselves and therefore reaching out to you as we believe there is no better way to improve than listening to you, as you been our strongest supporter. We would be grateful if you can take a few minutes of your precious time to answer to a few questions and give your honest feedback. To access to the IVAO survey, please visit our website on http://survey.ivao.aero.

For any questions, feel free to contact us by email at publrelat@ivao.aero.

2012-10-22 WIIZ-CH Annaba Mulyana

Please welcome our new WIIZ-CH Annaba Mulyana. Annaba is a real world SATC and we believe he will help us to improve our Jakarta FIR area. Welcome again and good luck with the new role!

2012-10-05 ID-MC Billy Anderson

Due some real life activity, Charlie Avian has confirm his resignation from ID-MC position. Billy Anderson will replacing as new ID-MC 2012. For Charlie, we thank you very much your your work and consistency as proud IVAO Indonesia staff this year! All the best in real life mate.

2012-09-29 BAS 2012 Accident - Condolences

On behalf of IVAO Indonesia staff & member give our deep condolence Air Commodore (ret.) Norman T. Lubis and Let. Col. (ret.) Toni Hartono. Both were members of Indonesian Aerosport Federation involved on LM-2003 crash at Bandung Airshow 2012. The two-seater plane, flying with the code LM-2003, nosedived into the southern part of the airbase after performing an acrobatic stunt. May you rest in peace.

2012-09-26 ID-TC Sunardi Handoko

Due assignation to HQ senior staff, Nino Berrens (current ID-TC) has resign from Training Coordinator position and will stay with us as assistant webmaster. Sunardi Handoko will replace as new ID-TC 2012. Congratulation and happy duty.

2012-09-26 Hajj Flight 2012

IVAO Indonesia & Garuda Indonesia Virtual supporting the Hajj Flight 2012! We encourage members to join the Hajj Flight and if you registered as Garuda Indonesia Virtual member, you will find special timetable for this session. Have fun and safe flight!

2012-09-11 IVAO Indonesia Promotional Video 2012

IVAO Indonesia Promotional Video for 2012 released! You can access this video in here. Dont forget to watch it on HD guys! Credit goes to Hanif Bagus Irianto.

2012-09-07 CGK RNAV Available

Dear member, we announced that the RNAV procedure (SID/ STAR) to Soekarno Hatta Jakarta (CGK/ WIII) has become effective from today September 7th 2012. You may find some important and related document on this following link : NOTAM JULIET 7th September 2012.

2012-09-07 New ID-TA4, WAAZ-CH & WAAZ-ACH

Please welcome to our new ID-TA4, WAAZ-CH & WAAZ-ACH 2012! Sunardi Handoko appointed as ID-TA4 & WAAZ-ACH and Winaldi Wijaya Panai WAAZ-ACH. Ardi was our divisional staff for many years, also as ADIR during 2011. Welcome back and keep the spirit for IVAO Indonesia 2012!

2012-08-29 WIII RNAV Procedure - Under Review

Divisional implementation documents regarding Jakarta RNAV Procedure at this time still under review & we will test some accuracy on the sector file. Soon after all the test session complete we will release NOTAM & effective date information.

2012-08-25 Merchandise 2012 - Post your design

Post your merchandise design for IVAO-ID in here! Member will vote the design and we will produce it as divisional merchandise.

2012-08-19 Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1433 H

On behalf of IVAO Indonesia staff 2012 happy Eid 1433 H. Bila ada kata terselip kata yang tidak berkenan,ada sikap yang tidak sesuai,dan langkah yang kurang berkenan, mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

2012-07-21 Training Day Event 2012 - August Edition

IVAO Indonesia will held a special training event for all Indonesia division members, known as IVAO Indonesia Training Day Event 2012. This event is an annual event and dedicated to all IVAO Indonesia members to obtain the opportunity to improve the quality as virtual ATC and Pilot.

More detail please check in here.

2012-07-18 Happy Ramadhan 1433H

On behalf of IVAO Indonesia DIR. ADIR & staff 2012 happy Ramadan 1433H. May the Ramadan bring you peace and prosperity, good health and wealth.

2012-07-15 World Tour Available

Dear pilots. we are happy to inform you that FT is working again and all tours are open. Thank you for the entire team for working so hard especially Chris for rescripting the FT. Please remember that no legs will be accepted with the take off date of 11, 12, 13, 14 of July, If you flown and reported a leg with these dates, please refly again before you report it, thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2012-07-14 IVAO Indonesia Radio

Dear member, as for now we have a dedicated & free streaming radio for IVAO Indonesia (Trial Session)! We will broadcast every saturday & sunday 13:00-15:00 UTC. Thanks to our dedicated member Joshua Eko, website, membership & event department! You'll never fly alone!

2012-07-11 World Tour Issue

We are really sorry to inform you that as of now IFR, VFR and LH tours are suspended. All legs with a take off date of 11/07/12 will be rejected. We will inform you when they are back online here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2012-07-04 IVAO-ID AGE 2012 - Success

IVAO Indonesia Annual Gathering 2012 has been successfully held in Jakarta on june 30th 2012. In total 43 member joined the event from all over Indonesia. Indonesia Director, Achmad Ferdi Iskandar also attend and made the opening ceremony, Chalie Avian (ID-MC) & Nanda Arfianda (ID-EC & TA4) as moderator. We thank you to Vayo Travel (Rivay & Yola) for the awesome door prizes, IVAO Indonesia staff 2012, Caza Suki Restaurant and all member who participating! See you guys next year.

2012-06-25 ID-TA4 Nanda Arfianda

Welcome to Nanda Arfianda as new Training Department staff (ID-TA4) 2012. Decision based on training department, DIR. ADIR meeting at June 25th 2012. He will replace Danang Pariadji from this position effective since today.  Nanda was our previous DIR back in 2009-2010 and this time he willing to help us once again and dedicate him self on IVAO community. Congratulation and happy duty!

2012-06-20 Password Changes - June 2012

Yesterday evening we suffered some technical issues within our server side system. For the record, no password or private information has been compromised, however we had to change all passwords again to be sure that the information was not able to get in the wrong hands. We don’t expect any issues with this change. The TeamSpeak servers will be synced with the new passwords within seconds. The forum passwords will be reset as well, and you (and the members) will have to use your website passwords to login. You will be able to change the passwords to an easier to remember one, once you have logged in. You will receive a passwords reminder with your new passwords within a few minutes

2012-06-16 IVAO-ID Annual Gathering Event

Dear member, finally, this year we will have IVAO Indonesia Annual Gathering Event 2012! This event is yearly real life event and you will have chance to meet and greet with other member & staff. This year will take place at Caza Suki Restaurant, Mahakam 1 no 15 Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan, June 30th 2012 start from 05:00 UTC/ 12:00 BBWI. Join us & everyone is invite! Keep the spirit.

2012-06-09 FO Department Changes

Dear member, due real life activity, Yohanes Sugiarto leave the FOC position since today June 9th 2012. Yohanes has been a very decidated staff for 3 years! Defril Archangi will promote to ID-FOC & based on DIR. ADIR discussion, we appointed new staff member as ID-FOAC, Agung Kurniawan. Keep the spirit!

2012-06-05 Important New Password

Dear IVAO members, due to the maintenance of yesterday, we changed all IVAN and Website passwords. To connect into our website and IVAN servers, you need to ask for new passwords in here.

2012-06-05 Indonesia Airspace Data Update

We are please to announce that the data update for June 2012 is now released. 17 new ICAO airport of Indonesia has been added (WI1A, WADT, WICD, WATE, WAOS, WIOG, WAPL, WALC, WAAS, WIAA, W433, W431, WRLT, WAAM, WAAT, WAPQ, WADL). Thanks to Software Development Department. Enjoy!

2012-05-19 ID-EC Nanda Arfianda

Dear member, based on divisonal meeting, we welcome Nanda Arfianda as new Indonesia Event Coordinator 2012! Nanda is previous a succesfull Indonesia Director and many different staff position during 3 year of membership. We hope he will lead the event department even grow in the future! Congratulation & happy duty Nanda!

2012-05-19 Staff Reposition - May 2012

Based on divisonal staff evaluation program, we had decide some staff in, out and reposition. This decision based on divisonal HQ by evaluate staff performance to provide our best services to member. Details please check in here. Keep the spirit!

2012-05-16 Sukhoi Tragedy

On behalf of IVAO Indonesia staff and member, we would like to announce our deep condolence to Sukhoi Tragedy. Rest in peace & God bless you.

2012-05-11 Holiday Season 2012

IVAO Indonesia would like to welcome you and wish you have a very nice holiday season with us! Divisonal event, VA event and 1 major event each month are released to welcome the holiday season this year. Hopefully you will enjoy all the facilities and events that we held to fill your vacation time. Keep the spirit!

2012-05-10 SEC Exam Available

The IVAO HQ training department is pleased to inform you, we have re-opened the SEC Senior Controller rating. From now, you can apply for the rating if you fullfil the requirements, described on IVAO Training. We hope, you will enjoy the exam, and many IVAO member will apply for it. In a case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact IVAO HQ Training Department.

2012-05-10 TMS Available

From today, IVAO Indonesia Training Management System is available! You can request training or pre check before exam by using this facility. This system will provide an adequate management system for training activity. Thank you for Nino Beerens & Kevin Susanto to realize this system. Enjoy & happy training!

2012-04-28 Datalink System Available

We are very proud to present you a complete new Datalink System for IVAO. This can be accessed via IVAO Datalink System. You may know some datalink Systems from some bigger Events, but this one is planned to be used by any logged in ATC on IVAO. For now, this tool is under beta testing, which is the reason why the first official test will take place at the London Heathrow Real Flight Event (14th of April). We will keep you informed about the official launch for all IVAO Users. Credits are going to Gianluca Raberger (307513), who developed this tool in a amazing time and for his great job, he has been awarded with the Bright Idea Award. Thank you Gianluca!

2012-04-24 Biggest Event 2012

Dear member, as IVAO HQ Event Department had announce IVAO-Visit Southeast Asia Event 2012, we preparing to support this major event on our best capabilities as active division involved. At this time, all IVAO Indonesia staff are concentrate for this event and we will provide more than 17 ATC position around Indonesia. This will be the most crowded event in Southeast Asia and Indonesia particularly. So pilots, get ready for it, put the date on the calender and join us! Lets show what Indonesia can do to support IVAO International community. Read more details on event section.

2012-04-23 ID-TA5 Said Muhammad

After release from training department last year, Said Muhammad has been assign back as ID-TA5 today, April 23th 2012! Said is a dedicated trainer & examiner for years and now after some discussion between DIR. ADIR. TC & TAC, he back with us and will help the Training Department once again. Congratulation & welcome to the team!

2012-04-19 ID-MC Charlie Avian

As DIR. ADIR discussion, we determined Charlie Avian as a new Indonesia Membership Coordinator. Charlie is a dedicated member for this past 6 month, involved on many project with the other department staff as non staff volunteer and we think now is the perfect to him to start his virtual career as IVAO Indonesia staff of 2012! Welcome Charlie and keep the spirit on the higher place!

2012-04-19 Training Department Program 2012

Dear member, based on Training Department meeting at April 17th 2012, we decide to rebuild the department program for training day event, academy modul project on site, training request system, reposition the TAx staff and may more. As the new training request system, when finish, this new program will allow you to submit your training request simply by access our website. Lets hope all of this program will complete very soon. Keep the spirit!

2012-04-18 ID-TA4 Danang Pariadji

After release from training department last year, Danang Pariadji has been assign back as ID-TA4 today, April 18th 2012! Danang is a dedicated trainer & examiner for years and now after some discussion between DIR. ADIR. TC & TAC, he back with us and will help the Training Department once again. Congratulation & welcome to the team!

2012-04-10 FIR Sub Forum Available

Dear member, we have 2 new sub forum available (Jakarta FIR - WIIZ & Ujung Pandang FIR - WAAZ) on our IVAO Indonesia forum. Enjoy & keep the spirit! Thanks to Chris Döhring (IVAO Webmaster).

2012-04-07 ID-SOAC - Alejandro Diaz Raga

Based on staff vorting & intens discussion between DIR. ADIR and SOC, we would like to announce our new ID-SOAC 2012 - Alejandro Diaz Raga. Welcome to the special operation department and keep the spirit!

2012-04-02 Division Time April 2012

By April 2012 (3 year since we exist as active division) we reached our division time 293.260 hours, 29 minutes. Statistic said we have 34.911 minute online per actives member! Lots of hours there, this proved that our member have dedication, interest and high attractiveness for IVAO Indonesia. Keep the spirit guys!

2012-03-31 MODA System Available

At this time, IVAO MODA System for divisional tour is available again! You will be able to PIREP your divisional tour report and continue the tours. Thanks to for Eric J. Olson & the LD staff. Have a nice tour guys!

2012-03-28 MODA System Issue

Just an update on the status of tours.ivao.aero. In short, it's become a popular system for divisions.  Too popular in fact that our hosting company says that we overload the server with over millions of requests. With that said, we need to move it to a more robust solution.  Eric and LD staff  currently working to have it moved to an official IVAO server so that this problem will not happen in the future. Please be patient with us while we work on a solution to this problem.  Also, any data that was in the system is still there, so nothing has been lost. Thank you for your patience.

2012-03-24 New ID-TC & TAC 2012

As today we decide to appoint new ID-TC & ID-TAC of IVAO Indonesia. This decision based on department meeting at Saturday March 25th 2012. Dimas Wadyasastrena will lead training department as new Indonesia Training Coordinatior & Nino Beerens as Indonesia Assistant Coordinator. Congratulation & happy duty!

2012-03-22 Site & Twitter Integration

Now we have the Twitter Integration on our website. Everyone can update our latest news on daily basis by simply access on IVAO Indonesia website & click on "follow us" to become follower. Thanks to Nino Beerens (ID-AWM). Keep the spirit!

2012-03-21 WAAZ Sector - Update 2012

New sector file WAAZ FIR/ Ujung Pandang Sector  version 1.1.7 is available. You may check and download at the resource/ sector file section. Thank you for Mr. Octavianus Vitalis for his creativity & support! Keep the spirit.

2012-03-21 WIIZ Sector - Update 2012

Jakarta Sector v1.17 is available. You can find and download the revision of the sectorfile at resources on top of the page and then sector files. For more details, please check NOTAM HOTEL

2012-03-06 Training Coordinator Reposition

Due some real life issue, Said Muhammad has resigned last week from ID-TC position, Aji Patriajati will replace him as new ID-TC 2012.

2012-03-02 Exam Policy Integration - March 2012

Divisional policy regarding Pilot & ATC exam activity has been completed. Based on divisional HQ and Training Department staff agreement by January 2012 divisional meeting.  We determined several new provisions/ article and effective since March 2012.  As an growing division, we are highly motivated to increase our divisonal exam quality. Keep the spirit!

2012-02-29 ID-TA4 - Nino Beerens

By divisonal HQ decision & to provide more staff resource to any training and exam activity, we would like to announce that Nino Beerens/ VID209402 has been appointed as Indonesia Training Advisor 4. Congratulation & keep the spirit! Gefeliciteerd met de plicht.

2012-02-09 Promotional Video Contest 2012

Again, IVAO Indonesia held a "Promotional Video Contest 2012", which can be followed by all member IVAO Indonesia. Along with the development of this community, the talents and creativity of members also appears highly developed in the last one year. IVAO Indonesia currently has 1618 members and 508 active members. An achievement that we should be able to maintain and continue to be developed.

The purpose of this is a promotional video is to introduced IVAO Indonesia to the public, as well as a manifestation of our collective existence of the division. Facilitate our members creativity in making a video presentation with some of the rules described in the rules section.

Details in here

2012-02-02 ID-MC & ID-EA1

Dear member, per today February 2th 2012, we would like to announce that Reza Arbananto & Constant De Haas has been appointed as ID-MC & ID-EA1. Congratulation and keep the spirit!

2012-02-01 ID-ADIR - Aji Patriajati

We proudly announce that Aji Patriajati has been assign as IVAO Indonesia Assistant Director.  Aji has provided a lot of contributions for IVAO Indonesia and has been involved in most of divisional program since January 2011. Also he have a full support from IVAO Indonesia staff of 2012 by divisional meeting at January 29th 2012. Congratulation & keep the spirit!

2012-02-01 Staff Reposition - 2 February 2012

Due to all department staff evaluation & reposition, we has made some changes to IVAO Indonesia staff position, detail as below :

Staff Reassignment

  1. Said Muhammad / VID : 345259 as ID-TC
  2. Dimas Widyasastrena / VID : 330372 as ID-TA1 and ID-TAC
  3. Adif Herawan / VID : 356791 as ID-TA1

Keep the spirit!

2012-01-31 Meeting Sumary

Indonesia divisional meeting sumary for all department has been completed. All matery, consist of 16 topic were discussed & we has determined new Indonesia Assistant Director of 2012. Topic and news regarding ID-ADIR election will be announce soon after we recieve the approval from executive. Keep the spirit!

2012-01-28 Surabaya Meet & Greet 2012

IVAO Indonesia & Indoflyer PK-SUB present "Meet & Greet 2012"! Everyone invited to join us & meet us on this real life event. Held at February 4th 2012 at Coffee Toffe Restaurant/Cafe at 12:00 UTC or 19:00 BBWI. Have fun guys!

2012-01-26 Staff Meeting - January 2012

Yearly divisional staff meeting will be held at January 29th 2012 at 13.00z. Each department, evaluation, new program and ID-ADIR election. More over, meeting agenda has been published to all staff to be discuss and evaluate.

2012-01-26 IVAO ID Community - Get Involved!

At IVAO Indonesia, we always trying to provide a friendly environment & we pride ourselves in the fact that our most important asset is our active and friendly divisional community. Currently we have more than 500 active member. As a member, you are not just a number to us. You are a valued member of the community. IVAO ID isn't only about flying and controlling, it is also a chance to meet new people and make friends with like minded people from around the globe.

There are a number of ways you can get actively involved with the community:

  • Division Forum in here
  • 24/7 Teamspeak voice channel

Join & meet us today!

2012-01-13 ID-AWM - Nino Beerens

By the previous discussion between divisional HQ and website staff & after some reviewing staff requirements for this position we would like to announce that Nino Beerens/ VID209402 has been appointed as Indonesia Assistant Webmaster. Congratulation & keep the spirit!

2012-01-10 Indonesia Training Advisor 5

Based on Training Coordinator  staff recommendation and training department meeting, we appointed Adif Herawan as new Indonesia Training Advisor 5. Adif has been a very talented member over the years and we believe he will help us to gain more quality to our division! Keep the sprit!

2012-01-08 Membership Activity - January 2012

Per January 2012, IVAO Indonesia has reach more than 500 active member from 1570 total member and total logged time 247471 hours, 53 minutes online! We hope we will continue to expand in the future both from quantity & quality aspect. More divisonal program has been prepared to maintain and even increase the public interest.

2012-01-02 Divisional Event 2012

We just release our divisional event for 2012. Consist of 3 different event each week (SNL2012, ATC Event 2012 & VA Event 2012). Also several major event already listed in our agenda and will be further informed through the website and forums, including RFE event. This is one of our event department services and we always strive to provide the best for members! Enjoy and keep the spirit!

2011-12-30 IVAO Webeye

IVAO announces a brand new service which allows you to view airborne traffic and online ATC services on an interactive map. Initially this service will be on trial for the next 30 days, this will help us to assess the bandwidth requirements and most importantly your feedback. Discover this new add-on in here . Available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iPad or other HTML5 enabled tablet/mobile devices. No software installation is required.

2011-12-29 IVAO-ID Official Twitter

IVAO Indonesia Official Twitter can be found here. In this social media, we will provide the latest news &  information regarding IVAO Indonesia. Follow us and keep update!

2011-12-28 ID-ADIR Replacement & Candidate

Due real life activity, Sunardi Handoko has resign from Indonesia Assistant Director (ID-ADIR). Ardi had become a very contribute staff and member during 2010-2011. We thank you for all of Ardi contribution during this year. Divisional meeting regarding ADIR position & candidate will be held in January 2012.

2011-12-27 Events & Tours 2012

IVAO Indonesia will release our new divisional events & tours at January 1st 2012. Currently, all preparations (include MODA system) had been completed and ready to be use. For the tour, there is 8 different  divisional tour for 2012. We hope you guys enjoy our 2011 tour and will join 2012 tour as well.

2011-12-21 Indonesia Training Advisor 3

Based on divisonal DIR & Training Department decision, we would like to announce our new ID-TA3 Ridwansyah Latjeno. Congratulation & happy duty! Keep the spirit!

2011-12-19 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012!

On behalf of IVAO Indonesia staff 2011, we would like to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012! The spirit of christmas is Joy & the message of christmas is hope. May love. May joy, hope, n love be yours always. New divisional tour will be release at January 1st 2012 and will be follow with a new divisional event.

Happy holiday!

2011-12-05 Divisional Report 2011

You may have already noticed some changes and the development of IVAO Indonesia during the year 2011. Work programs and guidelines of each department have been done starting from 1 January 2011 to this day. You can access all the annual program that has been completed & on progress, as well as divisional reports on each deparment's, the results and how the development & what is the next program in here.

Keep the spirit!

2011-11-28 IVAO Crowded Skies 8

IVAO presents its premier event “Crowded Skies 8” on December 18, 2011. This record breaking unique event sets the entire IVAO skies alive and active. During this event, you can expect full traffic around the world, live Air Traffic Control, arranged flights between divisions and more. The previous edition of Crowded Skies had more than 2.303 (!) simultaneous connections at a point of time and over 9,600 flights during the entire event, which is a unique record.

More detail please check in here : Crowded Skies 8

2011-11-22 Airbase Training Day Event 2011

IVAO Indonesia Kaskus And Airbase Flight Simulator Hangar Community Present Airbase Training Day Event 2011. This event is dedicated to all IVAO Indonesia member to improve their quality as a virtual ATC and Pilot. You can find more detail on event page. Happy training.

2011-11-06 New ID-EC & ID-EAC 2011

Based on divisonal DIR/ ADIR decision, we would like to announce our new ID-EC Ridwansyah Latjeno & ID-EAC Ghozian Azhar Pribadi. Congratulation & happy duty! Keep the spirit!

2011-11-05 Selamat Idul Adha 1432 Hijriah

On behalf of IVAO Indonesia staff and members, we congratulate the Hajj pilgrimage and Eid Mubarak 1432 Hijriah.

2011-11-05 Membership Activity - November 2011

Per today - November 5th 2011, IVAO Indonesia have 487 active member from 1428 total member and we hope we will continue to expand in the future. More divisonal program has been prepared to maintain and even increase the public interest.

Congratulation and thank you for joning IVAO Indonesia.

2011-11-02 Server Maintenance Completed

IVAO Logistic Department detected a problem in the syncronization of the info between our FSD Servers. At this moment they are scheduling a date/time to make a full stop of IVAN, and re-start it again to fix the problem. It can take some hours since the full stop till have all servers running correctly again.

The maintenance will be on 1 November 23:00z for a few hours. During this maintenance you will be not able to login on IVAN.

Server maintenance completed and ready to use again.

2011-10-26 Indonesia Training Advisor 4

Based on vote result by divisonal HQ & T Department, we would like to announce our new ID-TA4 Eben Ezer Brahmana. Congratulation & happy duty! Keep the spirit!

2011-10-23 ID Staff Reposition - October 2011

Due to all department staff evaluation, we has made some changes to IVAO Indonesia staff position, detail as below :

Staff released

  • Danang Pariadji / VID : 289358
  • Elizabeth Alexandra / VID : 288035

Staff Reassignment

  • Aji Patriajati / VID : 284569 as ID-TC
  • Said Muhammad / VID : 345259 as ID-TAC
  • Dimas Widyasastrena / VID : 330372 as ID-TA1 and ID-AOAC
  • Ady Rahman Saputra / VID : 286434 as ID-TA3

Keep the spirit!

2011-10-18 New ID-SOC 2011

Based on discussion with divisonal HQ and other SO department staff, we would like to announce our new ID-SOC, Steven Wadyamandala. Welcome back Steve, we are glad you back with us!

2011-10-12 Hajj Flights Schedule 2011

To welcome the coming pilgrimage season of 2011, IVAO Indonesia collaborate with Garuda Indonesia Virtual, provided a realistic Hajj Flights schedule. Garuda Indonesia virtual is deploying 15 of its largest planes to fly more than 114,000 hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. A fleet of: six Airbus A330-300s, four Boeing 747s and five Boeing 767-300ER would carry the pilgrims on 302 flights, leaving Indonesia from 10 airports.  Keep the spirit!

2011-10-12 Divisional Activity - October 2011

IVAO Indonesia has grown and evolved as an active division on IVAO. Today we have more than 450 active member from 1361 total member, significant divisional facility and our members quality also increasing. We hope we will continue to expand in the future. More divisonal program has been prepared to maintain and even increase the public interest.

Congratulation and thank you for joining IVAO Indonesia.

2011-10-12 Forum Moderator Changes

Due some staff position reassignment of 2011-2012, IVAO Indonesia forum moderator has been changed. ID-DIR & ID-ADIR will fully responsible as a moderator and will try to continue their work at community forum. Let's keep the spirit of a good discussion in IVAO Indonesia forum.

Everyone invited!

2011-10-11 ID-MC Resignation & Replacement

Kang Deden Sarden has announce his resignation as ID-MC position due real life activity since October 11th 2011 & Eben Ezer Brahmana has been appointed as new ID-MC of 2011.

2011-10-05 ID-EAC Resignation & Replacement

Adhuh Dhuha has announce his resignation as ID-EAC position due real life activity since October 5th 2011 & Ridwansyah Latjeno has been appointed as new ID-EAC of 2011.

2011-09-24 Training Day Event 2011

IVAO Indonesia will held a special training event for all Indonesia Division members, known as IVAO Indonesia Training Day Event 2011. This event is an annual event and dedicated to all IVAO Indonesia members to obtain the opportunity to improve the quality as virtual ATC and Pilot.

More detail please check in here.

2011-09-21 IVAO-ID Official Facebook Page

IVAO Indonesia Official Facebook Page can be found in here. In these social media accounts, we will post every new and important updates & news such as: Events, Exams, Tours, Divisional News Update, NOTAMs, Member feedback, Polls.

2011-09-18 New Forum Available

A new, fresh and modern are the impressions on the new IVAO forum. Finally after 10 years, IVAO have a new forum since today September 18th 2011. Visit us & enjoy!

2011-09-17 New Forum Announcement

During this summer Chris Döhring, IVAO-WMA1, with the help of Erwin Zeeuw, has been working in a new version of this forum. All automatic scripts have been finished and tested today, and in the new days, probably this weekend, will be released. If you detect you can't entry in the forum in the next days it's probably due to we found the moment to release the new one.

Take in account that we have to stop the actual one, migrate databases to new version and install layout and settings developed.  We expect it will take no longer than 3 hours.

We will loose nothing. All your posts will continue there, pass will be the same, etc.

2011-09-13 GCA Approval - September 2011

Based on IVAO Rules and Regulations under paragraph 5.1 : "Divisions may require members of foreign divisions to obtain a Guest  Controller Approval before being allowed to log in on FRA restricted positions. Divisions shall announce their participation and publish their requirements on the division’s website".

Below is the GCA approval list from IVAO Indonesia per September 2011 :

  1. Ahmed Motasem - Aerodrome Controller/ C1
  2. Christopher Schmitz - Center Controller/ C3
  3. Nikhil Bhide - Approach Controller/ C2
  4. Arda Alkis - Center Controller/ C3
  5. Dan Poelman - Approach Controller/ C2
  6. Nikolay Lazarov - Aerodrome Controller/ C1
  7. Sepehr Ebadi Borna - Approach Controller/ C2
  8. Kurt Hemmer - Approach Controller/ C2
  9. Victor Hugo Andrade - Senior Controller
  10. Matt Torti - Center Controller/ C2
  11. Bernard Pitanga - Approach Controller/ C2
  12. Lukasz Kalusk - Center Controller/ CC
  13. John Akkermans - Approach Controller/ APC
  14. Fernando Freire - Approach Controller/ APC
  15. Rafael Korn - Approach Controller/ APC

2011-09-07 Division Newsletter September 2011

Division Newsletter - September 2011 released & available in here.

2011-09-03 Sunardi Handoko as IVAO-MTAC4

Sunardi Handoko (ID-ADIR/ ID-EC) has been assign as Magazine Team Advisor Content Writer 4. Good luck with the new position & keep the spirit!

2011-09-02 ATC & Pilot Training Handbook 2011

IVAO Indonesia has release ATC & Pilot Training Handbook 2011 (in bahasa).This handbook & tutorial will help you to understand the basic how to controlling and flying online using the IVAO software with some basic tutorials.

Special thanks to Aji Patriajati (ID-TAC 2011) and the rest of IVAO Indonesia Training Department.

You can find & download it in here :

2011-08-27 Selamat Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 1432 H

IVAO Indonesia staff 2011 would like to enounce Happy Eid 2011 1 Syawal 1432 H. Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin.

2011-08-14 Member of IVAO General Assembly

Achmad Ferdi Iskandar (ID-DIR & IVAO-MA7) has been elected as member of General Assembly. Congratulation!

2011-08-05 GIV Opening Event 2011

Finally, Garuda Indonesia Virtual as official VA from IVAO Indonesia is open. The opening event will take place at August 5th 2011 - 13:00UTC.

2011-08-01 ATP Exam Available

Today, August 1th 2011, Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) theoretical and practical exam are now available. Briefing guide (practical exam) available in here: ATP Briefing

2011-07-30 New IVAC v1.1.14 b186

The IVAO Software Development Department is proud to announce a small maintenance release of the IvAc v1 branch. This new version of IvAc includes the following minor improvements:

Correcting the ATC Ratings inside IvAc to the current ATC ratings in use on the network. Show variations in wind speed/direction again, this time generated from client side, as the server side logic for this feature has now been deprecated. Update of the callsign database to match ICAO Doc 8585 release 156. Update of the callsign database to include the latest virtual airlines from the data update of The Eye release of June. You can download this new release from the IVAO Software Development website.

Please note that with this release we will not be changing our policy regarding IvAc v1. The development of IvAc v1 remains frozen and we don’t intend to make any further releases based on the IvAc v1 code base. The team is now fully focusing on getting the IvAc v2 project in a state where we can show it to all IVAO members!

Thank you and happy controlling!

2011-07-27 New ID-ADIR 2011

We proudly announce that Sunardi Handoko has been assign as IVAO Indonesia Assistant Director.  Sunardi Handoko has provided a lot of contributions for IVAO Indonesia and has been involved in most of divisional program since January 2011. Also he have a full support from IVAO Indonesia staff of 2011 by divisional meeting at July 24th 2011.

2011-07-26 New WIIZ-CH 2011

Fadjar Nugroho has been assign as new IVAO Indonesia Jakarta FIR Chief per today July 24th 2011. Congratulation & happy duty chief!

2011-07-26 New ID TAC 2011

IVAO Indonesia has been appointed Aji Patriajati as new ID Training Assistant Coordinator per today July 22th 2011. Thank you for everyone who applied for this position.

2011-07-26 ID-TC Resignation

Rheza Nurcahya (current ID-TC) has resign from the position due real life activity per today July 21th 2011. Current ID-TAC (Danang Pariadji) will replacing as new ID-TC.

2011-07-26 ID-ADIR Candidate 2011

Nanda Arfianda (current) Indonesia Assistant Director has resign from the position due real life activity. For that reason, Indonesia Director has announced the date of election for a new ID-ADIR as replacement, which is at Sunday July 24th 2011.

There have been 3 candidate so far and we will make the announcement at Monday 25th 2011.

2011-07-20 400 Active Member - July 2011

Within 3 years since inaugurated in January 2008, IVAO Indonesia has grown and evolved as an active division on IVAO. Today we have 400 active member from 1234 total member and we hope we will continue to expand in the future. More divisonal program has been prepared to maintain and even increase the public interest.

Congratulation and thank you for joning IVAO Indonesia.

2011-07-01 ID Staff Changes - July 1st 2011

Due to all department staff evaluation, we has made some changes to IVAO Indonesia staff position, detail as below :

Staff released

  • Lorensius Londa/ VID277598 from ID-WM
  • Arief Jordie / VID321121 from ID-SOAC

Changing department

  • Dimas Widyasastrena/ VID330372 to ID-TA3
  • Kevin Susanto/ 279092 to ID-WM

New staff assign

  • Apriando Sitohang/ VID355267 as ID-SOAC

Keep the spirit!

2011-06-27 ID-TA3 Resign

Due real life commitment, Steven Wadyamandala/ ID-TA3 has resign the staff position.

2011-06-15 New ID-TA1 & ID-MAC

Based on T staff & divisional HQ consideration, we have decide staff reposition for 2011, detail as below :

  • Said Muhammad as Indonesia Training Advisor 1, replacing Yohanes Sugiarto who has resign recently
  • Eben Ezer Brahmana as Indonesia Membership Assistant Coordinator, replacing Sunardi Handoko which will be concentrate on event and training department.

For Yohanes and Ardi, thank you for your dedication and for Said and Eben, welcome to the club and happy duty!

2011-06-06 Special Event For New Pilot

IVAO Indonesia New Pilots Day Event 2011 will be held every Sunday night at 13:00 UTC. This weekly event has a different concept and dedicated to all new pilots of IVAO Indonesia. You're invited to fly and will be accompanied by IVAO Trainer and Training Staff.

2011-05-31 Pilot & ATC Private Training

Dear member, due our training management system still have a major update, if you require any training for Pilot & ATC, you can request for private training in our forum. We will manage our trainer to be available for you.

Request can be post in here :

Happy training and welcome to IVAO Indonesia.

2011-05-28 New ID-EC & IVAO Trainer

Based on divisional HQ decision and other staff consideration, we has decide to appointed Sunardi Handoko as Event Coordinator replacing Adhika Lie. Also based on member training request ammount, we also decide to appointed 2 new IVAO Trainer, Said Muhammad & Eben Ezer Brahmana.

Thank you Adhika for you dedication & congratulation to Ardi!

2011-05-27 IVAO-ID Magazine Released!

IVAO-ID Newsletter (February 2011) has been release and available for download in here : Newsletter

Credit goes to Sunardi Handoko (ID-MAC).

2011-05-24 Indonesia IFR Event 2011

Dear member, IVAO Indonesia has release new weekly event concept and will be start at 4 June 2011.

Find more detail in here.

2011-05-13 IVAO Membership Advisor 7

Achmad Ferdi Iskandar (ID-DIR) has been appointed as IVAO Membership Advisory 7 (MA7). Congratulation and all the best for the new role on HQ membership department.

More detail in here

2011-05-13 New ID-SOAC

IVAO Indonesia has been appointed Arief Jordie/ VID321121 as New IVAO Indonesia Special Operation Assistant Coordinator per today May 13th 2011. Thank you for everyone who applied for this position.

2011-05-11 GCA Divisional Requirement

Since IVAO Indonesia Division is participating in the GCA programme according to IVAO R&R 5.1.7, we have laid down a set of guidelines for guest controllers to follow before they can be permitted to control in Indonesia airspace. Based on fact above, we has determined Indonesia GCA Divisional Requirement.

Any member who wants to control an FRA restricted position in the Indonesia Division has to apply for approval.
The following requirements apply for an approval :

  • GCA Applicant must understand and comply with the local prosedure of Indonesia division
  • GCA Applicant must have the document needed (chart)
  • GCA Applicant has complete a practical review by staff determined
  • GCA Applicant must have a good english proficiency
  • GCA Applicant must comply with the FRA position rules

For apply GCA application, please check in here.

2011-05-11 Weather Server Problem Fix

Dear member, as you might experience there was a several issue with the weather server last week, Server Administrator staff has did some bug fix which suppose to be fix the issue (strange wind, no METAR, no weather at all).

If you still experience some problem please post it in here

2011-05-09 IVAO Rating Diploma

The Executive is pleased to announce that, as from today, you will be able to get a printable diploma of your ATC and pilot ratings (if any).

This is a new facility from IVAO for all the members. To access the diploma, simply visit your Exams profile. Then click on the number of your passed practical exam. You will find there the option to print the diploma for that rating.

For direct link to member profile visit here.

2011-05-03 Event Concept for 2011

IVAO Indonesia has launched two types of events every week. For more detail please check in event page. With this diversity we hope to increase member interest and activity within online flying or controlling.

Join us, keep the spirit !

2011-04-22 Beware of Unauthorised Email Demanding

Recently number of our users have receiving a mail requesting for user particulars including password. We wish to inform you that this is SPAM mail and not an authorised IVAO mail. Please do not respond to this mail and immediately delete the same. If you have already responded to the mail, immediately contact lad@ivao.aero, with a cc: to prd@ivao.aero

Again please do not respond to the mail.

2011-04-18 Indonesia MTL Pack

IVAO Indonesia has been release a few version of MTL recent years, consist of most all Indonesia Airline, Cargo and Military.

You can download it in here

2011-04-12 New ID-TA5

Sunardi Handoko has joined Training Department as ID-TA5 effective since April 12th 2011.

2011-04-12 Staff Position Vacant

Dear members,

We would like to announce that the position of the Indonesia Special Operation Assistant Coordinator (ID-SOAC) has become vacant.

In particular, the candidate should:

  • Have a deep knowledge of the organisation, its functioning and structure.
  • Have leadership capacity and organisational skills.
  • Have a fluent capability for speaking and writing in English.
  • Have a big commitment with the organisation, its Rules and Regulations and high availability due to the amount of work of the Department.

More detail please check in here : IVAO-ID Forum

Candidates have to send a full motivation letter with CV by email and fill the application in here : IVAO-ID Vacancies

Terima kasih.

2011-04-10 Change of Staff Positions

With a great sadness we announce that due to the real life activity in real world, we say goodbye to 2 members of the staff team :

  • Octavianus Vitalis (ID-TAC)
  • Adendra Surohadi (ID-SOAC)

Thank you for your dedication this recent years and good luck with the real life.

Sir Vitalis was always being a great staff, pioneer and mentor for IVAO Indonesia.

Henceforth, Traning Asisstant Coordinator will be replace by :

  • Danang Pariadji

Congratulation and happy duty!

2011-04-10 IVAO-ID Promotional Video

IVAO Indonesia has release Promotional Video 2011. This video was created by Riazy Aulia Ramadhan Harahap/ VID278028. It represent Indonesia aviation in virtual with a very fascinating simmer viewpoint.

Video available in here : Gallery

2011-04-10 IVAO Indonesia New Website

Finally, IVAO Indonesia has release the new website. Thanks to IVAO-UK, IVAO-SY & IVAO Indonesia staff that has been working hard and for all the effort for this project. Now we have more complete resource and a friendly website for member. A lot of new facilities including, the training system which is more adequate and have a comprehensive resource for member, IVAO Indonesia Newsletter and others.

Special thanks :

  • Kevin Susanto
  • Sunardi Handoko
  • Achmad Ferdi Iskandar
  • Steven Wadyamandala

On behalf of IVAO Indonesia Staff of 2011 welcome you aboard our new website.

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