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    Welcome to IVAO Indonesia
    Fly as virtual pilot or controlling as virtual ATC
    with fellow members who share
    your passion for aviation
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    Based on Desktop Flight Simulator platform
    Simulate according to regulations adopted from
    real world aviation
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    Training Department
    Build-up your skills and knowledges
    Offering training session with our best
    Training Department staff members
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    Division Events and Tours
    Fly our divisional events and tours
    Experience Indonesia and collect the award
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    Sky Guard Indonesia
    Feel like a military pilot by being
    The Guardian

Welcome to IVAO Indonesia

Welcome to the largest country in South East Asia. Do you like flight simulation but would you like to add that little bit of extra realism to your experience?

Well, you have reached your destination. IVAO allows you to not only simulate the flying experience but also the Air Traffic Control Experience. Whether you are new at Flight Simulation or an experienced user, IVAO has a place for everyone. With our Training and Exam system you can improve your knowledge and learn all aspects of this wonderful world.

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- ID 114528/18: ALL TFC ARE REQ TO AVOID OVER ISTANA MERDEKA AREA RADIUS 3NM CENTRED ON 061005.80S1064926.29E VALID FROM 2018-11-09 10:06:00 UNTIL PERM. CREATED: 2018-11-09 10:06:32

- ID 010412/15: PERMANENT NOTAM TEST VALID FROM 2015-12-04 03:29:00 UNTIL PERM. CREATED: 2015-12-04 03:29:54

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[ID-HQ] New Website

We are pleased to present the the new face of the IVAO Indonesia...

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